Accommodating Everything

It’s time to make that plan! Can you feel it? You know that fabulous motivation and desire to clear, create and push into a new phase? With signs of spring heading our way, you could be feeling the energy of that pushing at you. Like plants getting ready to pop up from underground, ideas might just be showing up, ready for your attention.

It’s easy to get excited and to drop everything in favour of the new and latest thoughts you are having. Whether they are about creating courses, revamping websites or starting a community, all of them will take effort and time to bring into full bloom. And that can add pressure.

The trick to ‘accommodating everything’ ​is to make room for it.

The best way we know how, is to plan in two lots of ‘buffer time’ in your week. Two whole seemingly indulgent sets of time (60–90 minutes) that allow you to mull on things, catch up on tasks, or indeed think about the new ideas that are coming in. It makes it easier to consider what might be best, next.

Running a business ON YOUR TERMS is all about building in spaces that make it easier to ‘get out there’ and doing it in a way that actually suits you. So if you’ve not yet built in some time, regularly, in your week to simply sit and enjoy the ‘energy’ of spring, look at your diary for March now, and see where you can. It’s a great time of year to start a new habit that will stand you in good stead creatively — for you and your clients!​​​​​

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