Aiming for sustainable progress

There’s something to be said for doing what you know works. The sense of satisfaction, the regularity and the built in ticking off of something that sustains you and/or your business.

Sustainable progress isn’t a ‘sexy’ thing, but it does make your business work.

Most of us don’t stop for long enough, often enough to make sure that the little rhythmic things we do in our speaker, author, coach businesses are the things that still work. When we say work, we mean that they make an impact, they influence something or someone or that they add to the bottom line in some way.

It’s all too easy to get carried away in the projects, the new, the exciting opportunities.

We underestimate the regular routines that sit underneath our businesses. These things are often the key to making real progress, things that slowly build into something solid. The emails that go out regularly, that talk you do every month into someone’s group, the blog that religiously sits as the cornerstone of all you do, the way you always reconcile your accounts on a weekly or monthly basis.

Sustainable progress is made up of lots of tiny actions done repeatedly and consistently. It makes up the bedrock of all that happens in the business and indeed allows for more ‘exciting’ stuff to happen too.

We invite you to go through the week noticing just which activities in your business create this foundation for you. What gets done as easily as breathing, what is just part of the fabric? Once you’ve identified these, ask yourself what would happen if you didn’t do this? Would it make a difference to your business, negatively or positively?

Evaluating things from this perspective of sustainable progress can help you rejig priorities and strip out things that no longer work, and it can also lead to an appreciation of the little things that mean a lot to your business. It may even create a renewed love for the doing of those things you didn’t realise create such an impact.

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