Are you harnessing the power of spring?

This time of the year is full of potency. With the sun out, and life beginning to burst through the ground, plants reaching up and out, it’s like a hotbed of growth! Most of us can’t help but be affected by that. You might be finding yourself more creative just now, growing fast, and wanting to see, hear and experience more.

Around now, with most of our clients, we tend to see a lot of ideas emerge, taking shape or taking off; products get developed or at least talked about. It’s a good time of year to do this. Our invitation when this happens is for you to stay open to all the ‘natural’ revamping and ideas that Spring is bringing with it.

Listen to what’s emerging.

Get quiet during this time. Meditate, create space to just sit, or do some day dreaming. You might get an internal ‘ping’ to dust off that course you’ve got half finished? Or start turning all those blogs into that book you’ve been promising yourself? Or get that extra page onto the website for the new package that you are so excited about?!

You get the idea — Spring is here so you might as well use the energy it brings with it. The lighter days and warmer evenings means we may as well make the most of it. With the lockdowns easing and countries opening up and all of us getting back to socialising and travelling more, now is the perfect time to get something done before the mass fun plans that might just take up your summer. Put the effort in now, the same way that nature is showing us, so you can enjoy the benefits of whatever you create and reap the rewards as the world starts to open back up a little more.

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