Are you ready for them to say yes?

What we love about this time of year is that opportunities suddenly all come into view, or emerge ready to say yes to as a result of all that work you did over the summer and during the last few weeks, since that ‘September Energy Push’ that everyone seems to tap into.

You’ve likely created something new, energised something old, got a bunch of leads in, had a lot of conversations with prospects, developed a collaboration, gone into partnership, or started to make a push on a products you’ve been wanting to get out there. Good for you BUT, have you stopped to really check the most vital thing before you push the go button?

Are you ready to accommodate all those that say YES to you?

The great thing about following up with prospects is that it usually creates acceptance of the proposals you’ve sent; those reach outs you’ve done start to pay off and people say yes. And that means most of you tend to ‘switch gear’ into delivery mode, or providing the services (and rightly so!), but putting yourself at risk through entering the feast and famine cycle.

Your capacity to deliver is paramount here. Systemising your business or new ventures is vital. Have you got all your ducks in a row, all the documents you need, those contracts, the confirmation emails, the apps set up, the time in your schedule, your associates briefed? You get the idea.

You must ensure you’ve got everything in place to make the newly accepted work easy to deliver — and of course remind you that you need to keep up the marketing activities EVEN as the delivery might ramp up. BOTH are needed concurrently.

So, before you really hit go, this week we are reminding you to check you have all those ‘in the background’ systems and operational things that will help you smoothly say yes to their YES. What needs updating, creating or tweaking that means you can at the touch of a button send out the confirmations, get the invoices out, and get the things in the diary for you? 

Don’t fall foul of the excitement, keep your foundations in place. If you struggle with this, do check out our Changemaker Central Membership — it’s been made just for Speakers, Authors and Coaches who just want to make their own sustainable profitable impact in the world with ease.

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