Are you sharing your opinions enough?

Just how visible are you? Are enough people seeing you and getting to know you in the way you want them to? We ask because one of the things that we always have to encourage our Changemaker members to do is to share more, and especially share their opinions more.

The more vanilla you are, the more you fail to stand out from the crowd. It’s not only ok to be a bit more ‘marmite’, it’s encouraged! (‘Marmite’* for those that want more clarification = sharing your polarising thoughts, stirring up some controversy, provoking…. you get the idea).

People think it takes courage to share something that touches a nerve. But really, as a speaker, author, coach, the chances are that your very existence and what you stand for are a little ‘left field’ to your avatar, so you may as well go all out and pull in those people that enjoy your point of view.

Just say what you want to say. And say it with conviction.

It’s ok to alienate some people — they are the ones that are not likely to be in your crowd or become your clients anyway. And by being more specific, you get to hone in on those that actually want to hear from you.

We know you have opinions. One way to share them is to see what’s trending and going on in the world, and make commentary from your own filter and view point. That is usually is enough to pull people into engaging more with you — either because they like what you are saying (great, keep connecting to those people) or because they vehemently disagree (great, keep standing your ground and say even more about why you believe what you believe!). Even if they don’t engage, they may well start to watch you more closely. That’s always a good thing. 

The key thing here is that you can stand out by sharing what you stand for. When was the last time you did? And when will you do it again? 🙂

*Marmite is a spread, a bread or toast topping that is truly is disgusting or delicious depending on your taste buds. If you want a small distraction, go look at some of the ads to really get a sense of what being ‘Marmite’ means.

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