Are you using too many tactics in your email marketing?

Your reach and reputation are in your hands to manage and be responsible for. Part of that comes from the emails you put ‘out there’. It is possible to ‘abuse’ your email database without even knowing it, so we are highlighting what you need to watch out for so you continue to keep your reputation intact.

We live in a world full of marketing and that comes with some tactics and trappings that pull people out of their hearts, and frankly grate on the human psyche. They don’t add value, and they can be ‘smelled’ a mile away. Most people are now wise to these ploys, but some can still fall prey to it, which then leaves an ‘off’ feeling in the person who ‘falls for it’. That’s why unscrupulous or lazy marketing just doesn’t serve your crowd if you are an integrity led speaker, author and coach.

We want to help you not fall into the tactics trap that often results in you becoming the person that people want to avoid!

When it comes to emails, we’ve all seen those ones that make us cringe, roll our eyes or worse just make us delete. Don’t become someone that sends out the ‘Ooops I made a mistake email’ — how many times have you seen this used? By different people!? What happens is that when you see a tactic being used, it can be tempting to use the same one. But this one, the ‘pretend vulnerability’ email, just wears thin.

The second thing is more over arching. So many people off to give you THEIR ‘swipe files’ — full of great ‘proven’ sales letters and emails, ready for you to just copy and paste. Here’s the thing about those — they rob you of your authenticity immediately. They are not in your voice, they don’t reflect who you are or show up as. And what’s worse is that someone else might just send the exact same email through to your recipient. THAT doesn’t look very professional at all.

Another tactic to not use is one we see all too often. Ok so you’ve made a lead magnet, you’ve set up a delivery email and then within a moment of joining your database, you try and sell them something. Don’t. It’s not worth it. You must build relationship before you ever do this, you must prove you’re worth even considering, before you put something in front of people to buy.

And finally on the emails, another tactic that makes you look like an unscrupulous person is actively lying. We’ve all had emails that say something like “hey you are one of the ‘hand-picked’ elite who are receiving this’. We received one of these a while back from someone we’ve literally complained about and taken ourselves off the ‘list’ from — yet it STILL came through.

The point here is — when you are using your email marketing, be generous, be yourself, be honest and build relationship. Anything else is just tactics that hurt you in the longer run. Most people unsubscribe from your list because:

  • They are your competitor and just wanted your lead gen
  • You sold to them too early and they don’t know, like or trust you yet
  • You lied and broke any trust

So don’t be that person who is just list building, with a ‘selfish’ motive in mind. Instead, vow to be yourself, write in your language, address your avatar’s needs and wants, invite them to get to know you. Email is still a ‘conversation’ between two people — you and your avatar. Know that they are smart and savvy and wise to your tactics.

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