Be willing to take a risk

Sometimes you just need to go beyond and take a risk.

We don’t know what that is for you, but we do know the signs of it. We see it all the time around this time of year with for all our speakers, authors and coaches. In the spring you seem to become even more clear — maybe it’s the growth and greening of everything around you that inspires you.

The momentum of plants pushing up through the earth, and nature kicking into full action. Hibernation is done. It’s a natural thing to follow suit and grow, take a risk and put your head above ground, look around, raise your head to the sun. Show up. Share something not quite formed, be a little vulnerable, get that programme out there.

Just do it, don’t think too hard.

Right now, this week, we invite you to do the thing you’ve been thinking about, mulling on and maybe even procrastinating a little around. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

Usually for us speakers, authors and coaches — that’s a little feedback — you’ll get information about what you’ve done, sometimes to your liking, sometimes not. Here’s the thing. Feedback can be handled. Not doing anything means you are still wondering. When you take the risk, you’ll know that you’ve put yourself out there. You took the risk. You don’t get that kind of confidence any other way. That’s growth, right there. That can’t be undone, and that shouldn’t be undervalued.

Go on, be willing to take the risk — just give it a go, whatever it is!

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