The Resources You Need To Build Your Speaker, Author, Coach Business

We know that most Speakers, Authors & Coaches feel alone running their business and really appreciate having a business coach to help soundboard their ideas, give them a strategy to follow, along with expert advice and accountability.

But not everyone can afford a full-time coach. That’s why we have various ways that you can access the support you require in different forms and at a very affordable price!

As A Changemaker Central Member You Access:

Changemaker Business Playbook

This physical annual strategy planner enables you to set your daily priorities, track your monthly metrics and review your progress each quarter.  We give you guidance on how to run a successful & profitable portfolio-style business and ensure you stay on track!


90-Day Kickstart Programme

This online programme hand-holds you through every stage of creating the foundations in your business.  You business model, marketing messages & assets, your product range and your systems & team.

These foundations increase your ability to sustainably scale & increase your confidence in your delivery & style.

Feedback & Accountability

If you feel alone running your business & want a sounding board to discuss new ideas, get feedback on your new logo or review some copy, you can upload something every week and we will give you our expert bespoke feedback on it the next week!

We also give our members the opportunity to join an accountability triad for additional support and encouragement to meet their goals.

Monthly Live Training 

Every month we ask our members to vote for the topic they want us to run a live Spotlight Training on.  We have run training on everything from how to price your products to creating engaging marketing content.

If you can't join us live, the sessions are available to watch whenever it suits you and when they become relevant in your business development.

Monthly Business Boost Workshop Day 

Every month we run a virtual working together day where you get to network with other Changemaker Central members.

We use the 'Changemaker Business Playbook' to review your progress & set your goals for the next month.  This day is about you working ON your business.  You get to focus on your projects and projections, evaluate your performance and keep your business on track with like-valued peers. 

Monthly Hot-Seat Session

Our members can apply to sit on our Hot-Seat where they can ask a question, request advice or search for a different perspective by putting it to us and our members.

Once they made their request, they turn their back to the members and everyone gives their own input & advice on the situation.  They walk away with a deeper viewpoint on their business.

WEEKLY Ask Us Anything

There is no such thing as a silly question and normally others are so glad you asked it raises their awareness of things they hadn't even considered!

So every week we run an hour-long Ask Us Anything session where you can join us live on zoom, ask your question beforehand and we'll answer it live, or just watch the livestream and soak up the knowledge!

Additional Professional Experts 

We don't claim to know it all, in fact we ONLY teach what we have personal experience and professional qualifications in.

That's why you get access to clinics run by resident experts on B2B Marketing, Branding and Sales & Systems.

We also interview both industry professionals & your successful peers so you can learn exactly what a publisher is looking for, or how a coach has created their own membership platform.

Digital Resources & Support

You get access to our treasure trove of resources to support speakers, authors & coaches.  We provide you with Expert Assets that include PDFs, templates and guides like speaker contracts & online course platform comparison guides.

Finally and maybe one of the most important is our digital community of other Changemakers who provide support, encouragement & insight along the way

Discover how our client, Carolyn Hobdey, created 2 new businesses, wrote and published a book (& created a trilogy), was featured on daytime TV and tabloid press, designed her own intellectual property, online courses and a membership site all in 18 MONTHS with the support of Speaker INsight and being a Changemaker Central member.

What Sort Of Training Will You Receive?

These are some of the topics that we have run training on which you get instant access to:

How to run successful events

How to create webinars that convert

What does it take to build a membership site?

How to create online courses

How to work with joint venture partners

How to create a product range

How to price your products

How to market to corporates

How to promote your book

How to run group coaching programmes

Creating speaker brochures & 1-sheets

Making contracts & proposals work for you

Creating engaging content

Developing Lead Generation

How to run a 5-day Challenge

Creating your IP and Framework

How to do a Facebook Live with Guests

How does social media fit with your marketing strategy

Why It's Worth Investing In Yourself

Members of Changemaker Central are consistently reporting back on the impact the support, training and community has made on both them and their business.

As a result of having established the foundations in their business, with a strategy and clear marketing plans, our members have crystal clear clarity on what they need to focus on to reach their desired income - and they hit these goals with the accountability, support and tracking that is offered.

When speakers, authors & coaches identify their uniqueness and their value (and learn how to productise this) their confidence increases and their sense of imposter syndrome or comparisonitis decreases - as they are running their business ON THEIR TERMS!

And the main result members of Changemaker Central achieve, is more predictability over their income.  When they create a portfolio-style business with an increased product range & streamline their marketing, they start swapping less time for money & increase their reach and impact.