Do You Want To Be In Our Speaker Spotlight?

Every Monday from 4-5PM GMT experts who work with speakers run a room for speakers or people who aspire to be speakers.

We choose a person from our applications and put them in the spotlight. You get to ask questions around your speaking & business model and we’ll answer them live.  Then we take additional questions from the audience.

Kelly Tyler & Elliot Kay are the hosts of this room & will offer different perspectives, whether you need advice on how to get paid speaking gigs or whether you want to use speaking as part of your promotion and selling strategy.

Kelly, the founder of a speaker agency Stellar Speakers, knows what the industry requires to get booked for paid speaking gigs. She also the co-founder of Speaker INsight, a business consultancy for speakers, authors & coaches & can advise on the marketing assets required to position you as a speaker.

Elliot, the founder of Speaker Express, the has worked with leaders and managers, business owners, MD’s, CEO’s, Investors & entrepreneurs to help them to hone their messaging, perfect their stories and win more business.

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Kelly Tyler - Speaker Agent & Business Consultant

With a background in psychology, publishing and marketing, Kelly is passionate about supporting others to reach their full potential and spread their message to make a positive impact.

Her career path has included everything from Educational Psychology, Business Consultant, Publisher, Speaker Agent, Marketing Director and Trustee for the College of Psychic Studies, so she understands what is required to be an ‘expert’ in your industry.

This journey has highlighted her strengths in connecting individuals to key people of influence, and creating systems and structure for marketing BIG visions of thought leaders and change agents.  Through her speaker agency Stellar Speakers Ltd and consultancy Speaker INsight Ltd, she supports speakers, authors and coaches to help them discover their purpose & core message whilst ensuring they have good positioning, productisation and marketing to create a business ON THEIR TERMS!

Elliot Kay - B2B Speaker Trainer & Coach

For the last decade Elliot Kay has been a serial entrepreneur, to date he has successfully ran 3 businesses, a coaching business, a strategy business and co-founded Speaker Express.

At Speaker Express he trains entrepreneurs and business owners to utilise public speaking as a marketing tool. He has over 8000 hours of delivering talks and was international public speaking trainer for 5 years.

In business Elliot has worked with leaders and managers, business owners, MD’s, CEO’s, Investors to hone their messaging, perfect their stories and pitch to win more business. Elliot is a two time best selling author and his last book Speak, Influence, Sell focuses on winning the hearts and minds of your ideal clients. Elliot trains unique structures that ensure that you have an opportunity to win business and that the language you use lands with your client or audience. Therefore maximising your opportunities when you stand on the stage (virtually or in person)

Elliot Kaye

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