Create more of what you want

As a speaker, author, coach, you’ve no doubt heard this: we get what we focus on.

So in the light of a long weekend — when Easter has given many of us the chance to relax for longer than we might normally do, what do you want to create? We know that you all are far too creative to ‘just relax’ — ideas are always bubbling away. When you get a little chance to rest, imagination and innovation present you with a wealth of new ideas.

Something wonderful happens to our brains when everyone else is ‘off’. When collective consciousness around you relaxes, you relax a little too. That changes the way you think, see and feel. This impacts the creative impulses you have. A bank holiday tends to be one of those ‘bonus’ thinking days — when what you’ve been mulling on sometimes takes a hold, and the energy rises to meet it and get it done.

If you feel like that today, go ahead and follow the impulse…it’s a great way to get a ‘first draft’ of anything done. Even if you’ve got family commitments, events and outings planned, make sure you’ve got pen and paper or your handy voice recorder on you for when the inspiration happens. It might just be that landing page, newsletter or book chapter unfolds in all the relaxed doing my might let yourself have.

Listen out in conversations, ask your questions, allow yourself to dream a little. Grab the ideas as they come, and let yourself and your mind play.

Be prepared to capture all that comes as you unwind

When we relax, things come to the surface, stuff that’s been wanting to take shape, things you’ve been mulling on. Don’t let it go. Use today to give it a little space and time to harness the energy of all that creative surge. Spend an hour or so just capturing all that your relaxed thinking and being brings to you. Getting the idea on a page can help you know that you can now truly relax and spend time with loved ones, knowing that you’ve got something ‘fun’ to play with as the working week returns after Easter.

What will you set in motion?

Ultimately, what we want — whether it’s a tangible idea, or indeed the end result — only comes when you take a little action. Today, we ask you — what can you set in motion that gets you more of what you want? Whether a product, more time, less hassle, more automation. It might be a shift in how you deliver what you do, that will give you one of these things.

Whatever the ideas you’ve been having are, they likely point you in that direction you need to go. Focus on that, work out some steps and take action to get or create what you want next.

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