Do you have an unpopular opinion?

Having a point of view is a good thing. Having a point of view that’s disliked by many is even better. We talk a lot about ‘being marmite’ when you are sharing. Or at least not ‘being vanilla’.

As a speaker, author, coach, you get paid to share your opinion or ideas. You literally get to make a difference through your voiced experiences. It’s the courage that it takes to take a stance that makes you stand out. It’s the stance you take that can truly anchor your business into being a sustainable and popular one.

The more you can stand out for something you believe in, the easier you are to find.

We don’t want you in the middle of the pack, one of the many. We want to encourage you to think in a way that is authentic and characteristic of you and to share what you know in the way that you uniquely do — not watered down or tailored, just truly you. That is what will draw more attention your way and will support you in building your audience more than toeing the line EVER will.

Yes, you may actually have to deal with some ‘haters’ or objections, but those interactions are opportunities to share your opinions even more, so those that need you can find you with more ease. If you need it, here’s us giving you permission, right now to just go be your beautiful opinionated self!

Just in case you are not from the UK, Marmite is a yeast extract product that people use as a spread for toast here in the UK. It’s a polarising product — many love it, many hate it, and there’s generally no middle or meh ground; it’s just not a take it or leave it product. You are either a fan and slather it on any chance you get, or you steer clear of it, leaving the room when a lid on a jar is off. (Just go Google it, you’ll see what we mean).

We encourage you to be Marmite. It hones your audience. It gets you attention, and builds a kindred relationship with your audience and allows you to leave behind the ‘I’m for everyone’ element that makes your marketing wishy washy. (For information, Helena is firmly in the ‘it’s disgusting’ camp).

If you want any support to do this, reach out for a call or join The Connection Hub to get access to over 200 resources to keep you growing your speaker, author, and coach business.

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