Do you make room for the unexpected?

There’s something to be said for just taking action. That might mean showing up, even though you don’t think it’ll be a brilliant opportunity. Or writing the first draft of a blog that’s been knocking on your consciousness for the last two weeks. For picking up the phone and just dialing that prospect even though you are unsure about what to say. Doing ‘it’ always leads to something else.

Whatever ‘it’ is, it’s important to do it. Especially if that event has the right people at it, or that blog has the right tone for where your thinking is just now, even if it’s a new direction. Maybe it’s just that you’ve been avoiding talking and you’re getting down on yourself. Essentially, if you have nothing else in your diary for that particular time, accept that and do something!

Don’t plan every moment — leave room for surprises!

Just saying yes and expecting the unexpected is something that we urge you to do, at least once in a while. There’s something to be said for taking opportunities and simply allowing yourself the space and the time to explore what else is possible.

That is the really a great question for us speakers authors and coaches; ‘what else is possible?’ Because truly, none of really knows for sure when and where can we will find that next client, that next gig, that next speaking opportunity, which might just turn into something else.

It’s not always about finding a direct route to the next ideal client; it’s a game of stepping stones. Maybe it’s finding the inspiration for that latest blog or the next lead magnet that you might put out there. That then becomes the thing that brings people to you.

As speakers, authors and coaches, we really do need to just seize the opportunities and inspiration that we don’t necessarily know will bring rewards immediately. Saying yes to that conversation, that chance to speak on a podcast that doesn’t at face value offer much… you just don’t know where it leads. So if you have the space and time, and it’s an ok fit, then say yes, with a hopeful heart and make the opportunity happen by building on it.

So how much of that have you been doing recently, and how much of that, are you planning in?! Because leaving some space and time open for “maybe scenarios” is sometimes a really good thing. Expect the unexpected — you never know what might happen if you do!

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