Don’t let your impostor run the show

As speakers, authors and coaches, life can be very full. We can wear ourselves out or down and that leaves a space for your impostor to pop in, usually unasked for and unannounced.

When the impostor impulse in you takes over, and starts to sabotage everything, there are some things you can do to get the mojo back, and put yourself back in the driving seat without falling prey. There are a few different perspectives to look at it from, choose the one that’s kind in the moment for you. Here are the vantage points:

  1. Look ahead… far ahead. This is about taking your vision further into the future (your impostor tends to show up in the now, and berates you for the past, and therefore stops you thinking of the future). SO look ahead. Where do you want to be / where will you be in 1–3. 5 years’ time. Stop thinking about the immediate goals and look FAR ahead. The things in this moment will right themselves accordingly and will seem just like steps to take.

    2) Get a BIGGER goal! Sometimes our impostor shows up when we are feeling bored or sluggish, or under or un-motivated… This is about injecting a creative project in or trying something new… THAT allows you to energise.

    3) Break it down — smaller chunks work really well for combatting the impostor’s need to reduce your expectations. Instead, you can design tasks (and build in rewards too!) to be do-able. It will motivate so much more! This one is more about slow progress, but sure progress and letting vitality come back bit by bit.

    4) Checking that the goals are yours. Are you sure you ‘own’ the goal that’s been set… your impostor loves a little fun when you have a wobble around your own commitment because you feel you haven’t chosen it or you’re doing it for someone else. This one calls for checking in and evaluating. And rejigging the goals if you need to so you feel they are yours and you know what they are about, and you feel connected. That outs your doubts.

    5) Let the fear go. Your impostor likes it when you fall into fear. It latches on and makes you scared of change. Or success. Identify the fears. Name them. Because that way, when fear comes, it might just be that your impostor spotted an opening and makes it even more present, but because you already named it and know it’s there, it’s got less power. And that’s GOOOOOD.

    6) Get some loving support. Or perspective. Or both. Listening to JUST your impostor can take you into a hell of thinking loops that feel hard to get rid of. Listening to others can help you return ‘home’.

7) Last one — take a break. Seriously. Stop. You are not giving in. You are genuinely stopping the rollercoaster or merry-go-round in your head for a while. Get untired. Take time out and way, to again see things differently and get more energy and mojo back by NOT thinking about things related to work. Your impostor is always less present the more relaxed you are.

So, we want to understand that under it all, that impostor feeling is one that is waving a flag for you to stop and pay attention for long enough to know something is ‘up’ but not for long enough to let it become ‘misery loves company’. Getting creative, having support, and having the resources on hand to deal with it can be made easier by joining our thriving group for Speakers, Authors and Caoches — The Connection Hub. We’d love to support you in times of need.

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