Speaker Insight Events

We've been in the speaker, author, coach industry for a long time and there really is nothing like a live, interactive event that allows you to truly connect with other like-minded, like-valued peers.

All our events are purposefully created as small intimate gatherings, focused on highly interactive, intense training and  support to help you build a business ON YOUR TERMS.

Our Current Events

Our Connect & Create Day is about getting stuff done and moving forward with your business. It gives you the time and space to draft copy, design new products, develop marketing materials or create a new business strategy, plus you get a one-to-one clarity session for expert support in whatever you need.

At the Speaker INsight Retreat we help you build confidence in your uniqueness & provide you with the clarity to market yourself.  We show you how to build a profitable and successfull business that is a true reflection of you and your principles.

We map out how to build a business you can run with ease, so you can make your impact and influence widely and effortlessly.

Gary King b&w

"What I like about working with Helena and Kelly is that they put you in a room full of like minded individuals and help you get the clarity you need. They get you focussed through the day to keep you working ON your business."

Gary King