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Stages To Speak On

If you are looking for places to speak for free to get footage for your showreel or exhibitions and conferences to be paid keynote speaker then download this directory of events to start your prospecting

Expert Indicator Test

If you are you feeling overwhelmed, overworked or under-booked, as a speaker, author or coach then it could be because you are stuck. Discover which of the 4 stages you're currently at in your business & what's required to jump to the next level by taking our test.

What's Working IN Your Business

When you’ve established yourself as a voice in your market, the next level for you is to leverage what you have, identify where to make the small changes that will let you ramp up the business, your visibility and impact to the degree you’d like. This document will help you take stock of what is working

Have You Got What It Takes?

For those of you considering becoming a full time author, speaker or coach ask yourself these questions to evaluate whether you have what it takes from a skills, support and resources perspective.

CRM Comparison Matrix

If you are looking to buy a CRM system it is not a one size fits all solution! So take a look at our comparison matrix at the top ones used by speakers, authors and coaches.

App & Software Directory

We love to help simplify your life and streamline your efforts. So check our apps and software directory which outlines the tools that we use and recommend to help run your business. Everything from design, finance, project management & marketing.

Social Media Scheduling

If you want to schedule your social media posts but don't know what software to use, refer to this comparison guide that shows you which software is best for the social media platforms you use

How To Run Successful Events

If you are thinking of running your own events then there is a LOT to consider. Download this guide which contains a checklist to help you know WHAT needs to be done WHEN

How to Structure Discovery Calls

If you want to set up discovery / chemistry / sales calls to improve your conversion stats and to ensure you only work with your ideal avatar. This guide helps you structure and deliver discovery calls.

Booking Software Comparison

If you want to make it easy for your clients to book you and reduce your admin time and costs then check out what scheduling software is the best one for you in our comparison guide.

Course Platform Comparison

If you are creating online courses it’s important to know the various LMS hosting platforms and the various features that they offer, so you can choose the right one for you in your budget. This comparison Matrix compares some of the most popular ones for you to review.

Expert Awards Directory

This Speaker, Author & Coach Award Directory will help you to identify which awards you can apply for in your industry. Awards are a great way to increase your brand awareness by promoting your nomination or award.

Task & Project Management Software Guide

When it comes to running your speaker, author, coach business, one of the key things you must do is handle task and projects in a way that works for you and your team, whether outsourced or in-house.

Monetise Your Purpose: Create a Portfolio Business

Use this list of 33 ways to identify the various methods you can use to connect with your audience & create a varied product range so your customer gets what they want in the way they want, & you stop swapping time for money.

Daily Action Planner

It is easy for the days to run away from us and we end up treading quicksand and not completing the tasks on your To Do list. Our Daily Action Planner enables you to focus on what matters in both your business and your personal life and holds you to account!

100's Hours Of Recorded Live Training

You need to be a member of our FB group The Connection Hub to access these and we have covered some great topics and we would hate for you to miss out on!

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