Get specific to get engagement

There’s something to be said for specificity.

It helps to land a message and anchor a point you are making. Speakers, authors, and coaches are usually visionary and see further than most of their avatars and audience.

You are on a mission and you want to share it. One of the best ways to do that is of course to create content — those posts, the conversation pieces, the blogs, the interviews that you sign up for to get that message out there.

What we tend to see with a lot of our clients at the early stages is that they love to share their message, starting off enthusiastically, but getting disheartened when all that effort seems to not be hitting the mark. Do you know that feeling?

When your posts and messages get no, or little, attention and doesn’t get people engaging, the first thing we look for when feeding back is how specific the content of the posts are; whether it’s just a ‘big idea’ presented out of context, or if it has some tangible on the ground results or impact driven focus.

Content needs to be very, very consumable

Whatever you create, in whatever format, when it’s designed for the world of social media, it has to meet the ‘stop the scroll’ factor, and interrupt people.

One of the best ways to do that is to highlight the specific results that your avatar is looking to achieve. Add in statistics, facts, link to news stories, share your client stories. Take your time choosing pictures that are relevant and emotion creating. These all grab attention and earns you the right to set a context for your content. That makes it easier to then present your wider perspective and have a chance to share your message so it ‘lands’. You may need to tell a story over a few days or weeks, to help them understand that context.

You need both. 

Most speakers, authors, coaches we know go too broad in what they share, and suffer from the doubt about whether their stuff is even worth putting out. It is, it just needs to be more honed. Whether you are writing, speaking or having a conversation, make sure you’ve got a ‘broader picture’ version, AND the more tangible specific example that will help those you are communicating with really ‘get it’ so they ‘get you’. Go review what you are putting out there; then get even more specific! It’s ALWAYS worth doing that.

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