Give the ordinary its due

Give the ordinary its due

This week, we are inviting you to simply notice the moments — everything starts to feel different this week. It’s the pivotal week when some of you are focused on finishing various things, it’s likely the last ‘full’ week of working for most. So rather than just being focused, we are inviting you to grab those moments that are ‘normal’ or routine in your week and appreciate them for all they’ve contributed to your year.

You might well have a ‘Money Monday’ or a finance hour on a Friday. Maybe it’s that you do your reach out calls for an hour in the afternoon. Or perhaps you create all your content for the week or month to come in a half day somewhere in this week. Whatever THOSE things are, take a moment to think about just what impact all these ‘business as usual’ pieces have contributed to your speaker, author, coach business. 

There’s a lot to be said for noticing the not-so-sexy activities in your working week and given them a little spotlight. As you do, notice what you want to keep, tweak or let go. It’s your time, and your business, you get to decide what stays and what no longer serves you.

If you want any support to do this, reach out for a call or join The Connection Hub to get access to over 200 resources to keep you growing your speaker, author, and coach business.

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