How Is Your Relationship With Your Business?

Are you loving your business right now? Or is it more of a love-hate situation? Maybe you are enjoying certain bits of it and the rest is stuff you’d rather let go of or not have to have. We are always in relationship with our businesses. They are an entity on their own.

We invite you to use this designated week of celebrating love to do a temperature check on your relationship with business — is it cold, warm or smoking hot? Evaluation on a regular basis is a key to ensuring you are still sharing and delivering your passion in a way that works for you and is effective, efficient and productive. We encourage the users of our Changemaker Business Planner to do a check on what’s working and what’s not every month, and a bigger audit every quarter.

Every relationship needs work, are you working on yours with your business?

Here’s a great way to start questioning what needs work and celebrating what you is working well: We call it working on your TERMS — and that’s a prompt to think about the following — and adjust where necessary:

  • What are you spending your TIME doing that you love?
  • Where are you getting your ENERGY from? What drains your energy?
  • Have you got all the RESOURCES you need? Are you using them well?
  • Are you making the MONEY you want? Are you spending it wisely?
  • What SKILLS are missing in your business?

Show your business (and you!) some love by doing a TERMS review regularly and think about how you can fall even more (or back!) in love with your business.

If you want any support to do this, reach out for a call or join The Connection Hub to get access to over 200 resources to keep you growing your speaker, author, and coach business.

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