How to create a buzz with your promos

In our business, we talk about ‘what’s the buzz in your business?’ all the time. What’s exciting, intriguing, and inspiring about work in your world?

The reason this is so important as a speaker, author or coach is because you can create content, and generate connections by sharing your ‘buzz’.

This can (and should) be a strategic thing for you. We always recommend having at least one thing out there in the world of social that is a creating a buzz for you. Something that gets people talking about you, looking at what you do, engaging with you.

Be the Buzz you wish to see in the world

Using Buzz to power your promos

You can link the buzz concept to your promos and offers. Making your buzz a promo or offer means that you have a reason to share.

Promos are something free that’s of interest to your audience, an offer that you are making to your community of clients & prospects that is of direct value to them, and shows your care and expertise.

Before we go into what those promos are and where you might share them, here are some reasons why you want to create that buzz with a promo or offer:

· It means you are more consistently on people’s minds/radars

· It gives you something to talk about when you meet or e-meet people, and keeps the conversation and your energy ‘fresh’

· It gives you somewhere for you to direct people to so they can continue to connect with you

· It puts you at the forefront of people’s minds

· It also might set you up for a the next sale

· It focuses your actions

· It defines and simplifies how and where you show up

Now that you get that using offers and promos to create a buzz is a good thing let’s make sure that you know what we mean by a promo offer and give you some ideas for what it needs to ‘be or have’:

  • It’s a value add that meets your ideal client or avatar at a level of their problem (and just one per offer!)
  • It could be paid or free
  • It’s something that looks attractive to your avatar (because it solves a problem they are facing or offers them an opportunity to connect with you if you’re offering it to your engaged community)
  • Your promo offer could take many forms — it could be a quiz, a checklist, a short report or activity sheet, a shortcut, a taster event, a webinar
  • What’s important is that it is what your avatar DESIRES

Make your promo offer effective.

Having decided on something to offer or promo, you need to make sure that it gets taken up by as many people as you can. Some of that comes down to looking wider than the promo itself. Here are some of the things we suggest you know and do to make it ‘work for you’.

  • Ensuring you know where it sits in your ‘user journey’ — when might they use this? Is it for people who might just be starting out with you or is it more for those that know how you work already and are familiar with your concepts? Knowing where it sits helps you create it without jargon and complications.
  • The next things is making sure you know what comes next — usually if you get people excited about something, you have to know what the ‘next step’ because if you’ve done you job well, they will want to continue working with you, so knowing that your offer links to something else is vital.
  • Really knowing what problem is solved by the offer and ensuring that you help people understand what that problem is and why they have it. Those problems could be a feeling, a tactical issue or a practical fix.

As an example, one of our buzz pieces is our Expert Indicator Quiz which is focused on helping all Speakers, Authors and Coaches to identify where they are at, and what they are ready for in their journey. The quiz is set up so you come out at 4 different stages — so the offer and information they get is tailored to the individualised result their quiz provides. Each of the 4 stages has a different ‘next step’ as mentioned above. You can check out what we mean here. It’s one of our most popular ways to create buzz, because everyone likes to know more about themselves.

How & where do you make your promo offers.

Now that you’ve potentially made or are about to make something that you can offer up to create some buzz, the final piece is making sure you share that promo or offer far and wide. Here are some suggestions for where you might share it:

  • Your own community — a FB group, a LinkedIn Group or other communities you run
  • Via personal reach out — personal messages sent directly to people via chat, messengers or email
  • Through an email broadcast to a permitted list
  • Using promo partners — those people who have your audience might be willing to share your buzz with their community
  • Developing the series of posts, memes or context that your offer sits in
  • Defining your time limit on your offer or promo is also important so that you know when you need to be focused on ‘what buzz’!

Be aware that some of your buzz will likely be seasonal — summer weight loss or pre-Christmas stress relief will have a defined ‘window’ in which to share, so plan that into your schedule.

Have different offers

It’s not enough to just have one, as we said at the beginning, it’s more about you being consistently in the buzz, being seen, adding value, sharing your voice. Think about how often can you show up on your avatar’ radar. Different offers, and events, notices and needs, stories can all help you create that buzz. Blending these together with your promos and offers means that you are being seen all the time.

YOU are in ultimately in charge of creating the buzz in your business, and strategically identifying what promo’s and when. So what offer are you making at the moment? 😊

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