How To Run A Business That Doesn’t Run You!

Would you like to wake up every day, knowing that your business is running along very nicely – WITHOUT any input from you?

One of the best tests of business freedom is to take a break and not lose momentum, sales, engagement and general operations of the business, whilst you aren’t there.

As a speaker, author or coach, your business is built around you but that doesn’t mean running yourself ragged & constantly having to be in it, which is a trap many fall into & end up burning out.

It’s more than possible to set up your business, so that you are not the lynchpin or bottleneck and you can live the lifestyle of your dreams.
In this week’s FB Live, we’ll be talking to CasparCraven about how he created a business that did not need him in it, leaving him free to have the adventure of a lifetime with his family, the subject of his very fine book, Where The Magic Happens.

Catch the recording of our FB live to learn more about what you need to put in place to ensure that your business is not running you. Watch the full training here.

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