How to spend less time marketing

Most speaker, authors, coaches don’t enjoy ‘marketing’. Repurposing’ is the key to that! Read on to find out how to be seen more in less time.

There’s a need for you to be seen in the world, there’s a call for your presence. And you know it. Everyone who is anyone says you have to ‘get out there’, ‘be present’, ‘be seen’, show up. And you end up dreading the endless hours of creating content and the technical know how of just doing that. It’s time to get smart about this. Because it IS possible to make this visibility thing easy for you, and for it not to take over your life!

Tactics vs strategy

First things first. DON’T put out content for the sake of it, make it strategic and make it work for you.

Content is king but there is no point putting pictures of your breakfast up & thinking that will get a result. Your content needs to involve these things:

  • It needs to interrupt the noise — to stand out, be relevant & have a purpose
  • It needs to be consistent not only regular posting but also have consistency of message
  • It needs to be on brand & instantly recognisable as you

One of the biggest complaints we hear from our clients is that people can’t find the time to do their content, so we thought we’d teach you how to repurpose your content — so you can do 30 mins worth of work & get about 15 bits of content for various platforms!

You don’t have to spend hours

We are big advocates of doing 1 FB live a week & creating all the content for that week off the back of it! FB lives are how we have grown our network & they are great way to build a connection with your audience. We now have 10,000+ members in our FB group The Connection Hub and we spend less than an hour making, creating or sharing anything we put ‘out there’.

Here’s how to do it for the month.

At the beginning of the month, take time out to think about the 4 FB lives that you will do — what topics are your audience wanting to learn about, what is trending etc. If you are more present on Insta or LinkedIn, this also applies — get clear on what you want to deliver in your main weekly content that is ‘live’.

Now schedule in one day into your diary for content planning & scheduling per month. We like to do this on a regular set day of the month, and make it non-negotiable. Over time you’ll get to be a month or two ahead of yourself, and the relief and peace is tangible — we promise — leaving you to be able to just get on with all the other things you LOVE to do in your business!

Here’s where the magic happens

What you spoke about in your live videos can then be easily repurposed and you don’t have to outsource to others so your voice gets lost & the content doesn’t sound like you. The live goes out, and you can then ‘reinforce’ the teaching points and/or opinions from that live through reusing what you said in various different ways. The live becomes the ‘raw material’ for the rest of the content that you can use and reuse, over and over.

This makes it quick and easy to be ‘present’ as you continuously and in the formats and on the platforms you want to be seen on.

Here’s where to get the visual version of what we are outlining below.

Follow these steps to create your assets.

You do your FB live from your topic for around 20–30 minutes. Put that video to good use by doing the following:

  1. You get it transcribed ( or a VA can do this). Captions on your video will usually increase viewing by 20–30% or more, so we’d recommend that you use the transcript to add those.
  2. Turn the transcript into a blog and put it on your website and on
  3. Review the transcript and pick out 3–10 ‘quotable’ pieces — snippets that stand alone and back up your message, and your authentic presence. Create these into ‘picture-text memes’ that are branded (
  4. Now, upload the full video onto your YouTube channel — it may actually be that you have a channel that you monetise via advertising, but it is just also a no brainer for you to start to build your content library there for when you might want to do that!
  5. Pick out 2 –3 sixty second segments of the actual video to upload as Instagram stories & on LinkedIn
  6. Pull out the audio and upload to your podcast channel or as audio soundbites that you can use in Instagram posts.

Now that you have all these ‘assets’ you can look to schedule them across the month in the way that is most appropriate for you. (You may or may not want to do all these steps, choose what’s appropriate for you).

Some things to bear in mind.

Batch making your content from one key piece is efficient and focused, and means you’ll stay in love with the key messages you are sending out and stand out as a result. To make sure that has as much impact as possible, here are some things to remember and do:

  • Create good titles for the ‘new’ content — as you are creating new content from the original, you’ll likely need to give those pieces their own new titles, rather than use the title from the FB live, so check if you need a new more appropriate title for the blog for example — what would make most sense for that ‘new’ content?
  • If posting to Instagram, make sure you #tag appropriately — find yours and make sure you have them to hand
  • Branding your channels, your memes and images is also a key thing to do — make templates to make it easy
  • Create playlists on YouTube to categorise your content in your key themes
  • Look for opportunities to share the content in whichever format it’s in. For example, can you use the full post as a guest blog somewhere?
  • Get technical help or a train a VA to do this work for you.

EVERYTHING is reusable!

There are other things to repurpose too. You are a speaker, author or coach/consultant. So you’re likely to have LOTS of footage in many places. It could well be that you have video or audio footage of a workshop or talk you’ve run. Again, get the transcript and start to break it up / use it to:

  • Write that book!
  • Get clear messages for your next sales page!
  • Create memes that support your marketing campaign
  • Turn the book or the in person workshop into an online course (or three!)

You get the idea! So get planning your lives & work out if it’s you who will do the repurposing or whether you need to connect with VAs & content managers — we have a great representation of those inside The Connection Hub. Most of all, please start to use what we’ve said, because you need to be out in the world sharing your skills, not sat in front of a screen trying to ‘do’ marketing!

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