How to stand out as a speaker, author or coach

Being seen as an expert in your space can be hard when there is a lot of competition in your industry, and unless you have invented something new or conducted research, most speakers, authors and coaches are using pre-existing information and methodologies and putting their own style and spin on delivering them.

There is nothing wrong with this, but often that isn’t what gets you noticed or helps your audience see how your approach is unique.

It’s also a myth that the more products you have the more sales you will make — sometimes creating a range of products just as a tactic alone can confuse your avatar. So it’s important that you join up all of the dots and create a user journey for your clients, whilst creating completely unique Intellectual Property (IP) to help you become immediately recognizable.

So a great place to start with standing out is asking yourself the question “what makes you memorable?”

If we went to an event about Leadership and you were 1 of 10 speakers, what would make us remember you?

Here are some points to consider:

What is your Story? How do you connect with your message. How are you IN your story (your experiences / purpose / passion). Were you your ideal client that you are now working with — how can you empathise with your audience?

What is your credibility? What qualifications / awards / industry standards do you have to give you the right to teach on this topic? What results have you got for yourself and your clients?

What IP (Intellectual Property) have you created? Do you have a framework, a process, a methodology that you take people on that is uniquely yours? Is it trademarked? Do you have a visual diagram / representation of this process and are you marketing it?

For example, Stevey Covey’s 7 Habit’s of Highly Effective People is a trademarked framework that is well known.

Who is it that you serve? When you stand for a specific group of people, they are immediately drawn to you as they feel a sense of belonging and that you ‘get them’

How do you make your audience feel? Is your presentation death by powerpoint or have you moved your audience from their heads to their hearts… as people won’t remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel.

It’s Time To Do Research!

  1. Ask people what your core messages are, what are you known for?
  2. Start identifying your style, how much you promote YOU & your uniqueness in your business
  3. If you have a framework or process then turn into an illustration & market it as your unique user journey & how you are different.
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