Is it an opportunity or not?

Much of the time you, as speakers, authors and coaches get presented with the chance to do a talk, get interviewed, connect with someone new, write an article or collaborate with someone in the field. When the invitations come, it’s easy to think YES and say yes before evaluating.

Slow down and do the work!

We urge you to ALWAYS stop for a moment and think about just what kind of opportunity it is, and if indeed it even or really IS an opportunity. Much of the time, the flattery of ‘someone wants to hear from me’ or ‘there’s a chance to share my work’ overrides the sense in saying yes. 

There’s everything to gain from accepting a good opportunity. But how do you know if it is? Do you have a checklist of questions you run through with an organiser? Do you have a set of things you investigate or research to work out whether it’s a good use of your time, energy and effort? 

So, how do you know if it’s going to be good for you?

We recommend that you create your own criteria. One that ensures that you know whether this is an opportunity is one that will reap reward, and if it does, will it being the short, medium or long term. We always teach our Changemaker Central members to evaluate before they say yes. If you are doing business On Your TERMS, then leaving flattery at the door, and putting your assessment head on is vital to knowing what you say yes and no to. 

Next time someone asks or offers you to do something in their group or on their stage, be ready to ask yourself some good questions before you say yes. It may just save your most precious resource — time.

If you want any support to do this, reach out for a call or join The Connection Hub to get access to over 200 resources to keep you growing your speaker, author, and coach business.

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