Is it time you started working more collaboratively?

Simply put, collaboration is “the action of working with someone to produce something”.

In reality, there is a whole continuum that could be used to describe various forms of ‘collaboration’ that can happen — more of a sliding scale. From forming ‘affiliate’ arrangements with like-minded people to full on, out and out ‘partnering’.

When we set out as speakers, authors, coaches, we usually do it alone. It’s not the most effective, efficient or fun way to build an audience or make the impact you want to make though.

Obviously you can do this alone, and for most of us that’s how it starts. Driven by the desire to do the things we want to do, in the way we want to do them, usually means that it all starts with us. But the question is, can that remain, and should that be your long term strategy?

Personally, we don’t think so.

Collaborations make running your business easier and more fun.

Finding people that you can work with — associates; partners and collaborators — is important for your sanity and the growth of your business!

We (Kelly & Helena) each have a long history of working collaboratively with a number of individuals and organisations. It’s something we both show a natural aptitude for.

The benefits of collaboration are clear:

  • It keeps content and business ‘fresh’ (for us and our clients!)
  • We enjoy it more on a personal level — getting a new buzz from working with others
  • It introduces new ideas, inspires us to keep growing and expanding
  • It brings a new level of thinking to our business (helping us to sense check our thinking for growth and direction)
  • It provides new energy into the business as a whole, through challenge and connection

For many people starting out as Speakers, Authors & Coaches, working collaboratively ends up happening, but much later than it needs to or should do.

Especially at this time where the ‘rules’ of working have changed and we are having to do things differently, maybe it’s time now to look around and see who you might have synergy with and to see what collaborations might just be great for you to set up.

It’s certainly a lot more fun, and provides a level of connection and energy that you and your clients can benefit from.

If you want any support to do this, reach out for a call or join The Connection Hub to get access to over 200 resources to keep you growing your speaker, author, coach business.

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