Keep it cool and steady

There’s a lot of energy around right now that’s pushing us all forward.

The desire to finally ‘move’ now spring is here is palpable. We are seeing it in all our clients and you are likely feeling it too. People out in the market are starting to make more enquiries and demands. Spring always creates ‘more’ demand. Budgets have been set and the start of the new fiscal year for many (at least here in the UK) means companies are looking for solutions. The longer days mean people feel more hopeful and that prompts a feeling of more energy, and with it a desire for change or a feeling of being able to tackle the stuff that hibernation covered over during winter.

Now is the right time to take stock and get set up for success.

It’s a good time to make sure that you’ve got everything you need to handle the demand. We are inviting you to take stock and make sure that all you are doing is what you want and need to be doing for you and your business. It can be exciting to say yes to everything coming at you now — especially as winter months are often leaner. The increased demand that’s around is easy to tap into if you are all set up for it. Do the work now, to make sure you are geared up and ready to go. Make the most of new networking opportunities, go to the conferences and expos, reach out and do those exploratory calls. It’s exciting.

Keep a steady pace.

Overwhelm is a speaker, author, coach’s worst enemy. Just because there’s a new vitality around with this spring energy, make sure you don’t let go of all the ‘business as usual’ elements. That can be your undoing. One of the worst things in any business is the ‘feast and famine’ model — just because orders are coming in or people are opening up to more, doesn’t mean you can let go of all that you normally do to get business. Put some balance in between what needs doing and what feels exciting. By all means say yes, but spread out your commitments so you have the energy to respond to all that’s going on around you. You’ll feel better for it and your business will love you for it in the leaner months.

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