Less time makes you focus

Hey you.

We always want your working life as smooth as possible. That’s why we are inviting you to play with this concept this week and into the rest of the year. What if there were feasibly only really 4 weeks of working time left in 2022?

Imagining there’s less time makes you focus, allows you to prioritise. 

So what if there were only 4 weeks left of the year? Because really, it’s kind of true. It’s been hard going for many of the clients and prospects you’ve got. Everyone is looking forward to some time off, to rest and recover from a more uncertain year than ever. 

We are inviting you to step into a space where everything you do over the next 4 weeks is going to be an effective use of your time and energy, because it’s what’s needed — by you, your company or your clients & prospects. Having ‘less’ time to do things in, can help you focus on what’s really important. 

Take some time out to day to figure out what that is — whether it’s completing a project that you don’t want to have to be doing in 2023, or putting together your plan for promotions for the whole of next year, or tidying up your files, or reaching out to prospects because your sector is currently allocating budget… you get the idea. 

Get clear on what you are focusing on, so you can actually start to relax and just build relationship and connect with people in those last two weeks of December. You’ll see like a breath of fresh air to those you reach out to, AND you’ll likely enjoy the Christmas holidays more.

If you want any support to do this, reach out for a call or join The Connection Hub to get access to over 200 resources to keep you growing your speaker, author, and coach business.

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