Make peace with the pace of progress

We’ve all heard it before — things take longer than you think they will. Right?! But will we as speakers, authors, coaches listen or hear that? Mostly the answer is no — and the result is frustration!

If you are taking action, every day in the direction of your dreams, make that enough.

We’re inviting you to simply make peace with the pace of progress. It really is about the end result, rather than the day-to-day activities.

Sometimes that might mean massive action, sometimes that might mean taking one step. Sometimes, it means that you make a leap in ten minutes, and at others it means that 4 hours down the road you finally manage to tick off something you thought was going to take ten minutes!

Yes, having targets and intentions is helpful, but with everything that is happening around you, you are bound to miss a deadline here and there. Don’t kill yourself doing it, don’t burn out, don’t blow out, and definitely don’t become someone that is obsessed with what didn’t get done. Just keep moving.

Make peace with the process and the pace of the progress

It’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t quite go our way, but when we get emotional about it, we can start to second guess or at least get distracted or way-laid and then success can take even longer.

Stop for a moment and notice the progress you are making, and if it’s on track, good for you. If it’s not, accept it, adjust your expectations and keep going. Drop the judgment and just take action. That’s how good businesses are built.

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