New things need room to breathe

Helena got a new-to-her fridge-freezer over the weekend. It’s sky blue. It’s big and fancy, with chrome handles. Most importantly, it has three times the freezer capacity than the previous one which only had a tiny shelf. She’s now dreaming of batch making dishes over the weekend.

Getting something new inevitably leads to changes in behaviour.

When we first get something new, it’s exciting and potential and possibility fill the air. We need to be aware of this and make room for that to happen. Rhythms need to change, the way we do things shift around, and how we use our time also modifies to accommodate it. So much of the time, we don’t do this, we just expect the thing or idea to slot into our ‘already’ lives. That’s not how it works. We have to shift things around.

Whether you are writing a new book, developing an online course, adding in a new way to be in touch with your database, or promoting a product in a new way, all of them need to be accommodated into your schedule. They need to be given time to breathe so they become something normal and routine. Something accounted for and accepted in the business. That normally takes time, and usually more time than we plan for!

Add new things gradually.

We never recommend adding too many new things into the mix, without at least thinking about what the change might bring — in capacity, in how you manage your time, in the way that income comes in. Because when we add in anything new, we need to learn where it ‘really’ fits — the idea of your new product or way of working will always be different to how it actually starts to be a contribution to you and your business.

If you are thinking about adding in something ‘new’ or if you recently have, be aware of what else might change that you’ve not thought of. Give it some room to breathe and be patient. Be focused and keep watching. Let those shifts be weaved in over time and see what happens. The rewards will show themselves; it might just take a little longer than you expect.

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