Are you a Speaker, Author or Coach, who needs to stand out more in a crowded market place in order to sell more?


Do you want to create a business that doesn’t rely on you delivering all the time?

A business that works ON YOUR TERMS™.

Do you want to build an easy to run business that creates choice and delivers impact off and online? 

At the Speaker INsight Retreat we help you build confidence in your uniqueness & provide you with the clarity to market yourself.  We show you how to build a profitable and successfull business that is a true reflection of you and your principles.

We map out how to build a business you can run with ease, so you can make your impact and influence widely and effortlessly.

With a grounded practical approach, we show you how to work IN your business with ease, ON your business with clarity and also how to integrate who you ARE into all you do.

Now taking applications for: 

14-16th May 2021
8 – 10th October 2021

De Vere Horsley Estate, Leatherhead


Each Retreat is limited to only 8 people, so we ask you to apply using the link above.

The retreat is £1250 and includes all training, two nights accommodation, all meals

PLUS 3 months free Changemaker Central membership 

This training is for you if:

  • You struggle to clearly describe what you do
  • You find it hard to get leads consistently
  • You want to create products around your Intellectual Property (IP)
  • You want to create a loyal community of inspired readers, clients and followers
  • You want to learn how to automate your marketing, so you are not juggling your time
  • You want to stand out from your competitors but you don’t know how
  • You want to increase yourself confidence and the clarity of your message or service

After the Speaker INsight retreat you will:

  • Have clearly defined IP which is unique to you
  • Have discovered & articulated your Unique Selling Point
  • Feel confident about running your business and put systems in that work for you
  • Have clarity on how to market yourself & grow your business ON YOUR TERMS™
  • Have outlined your Ideal Client, where you can find them & how to market to them
  • Have created a range of products (including a pricing structure that you are comfortable with)
  • Have created an automatic marketing funnel to convert leads into clients & customers
  • Have discovered speaking opportunities, networking and platforms that align to your message and your ideal client
  • Have a 90-day plan to know exactly where to take action when you leave

What better way to learn than to immerse

& be well looked after?

We know from years of running workshops, trainings and retreats that being taken care of and knowing everything is handled means that you can learn much better and faster. Having the space to think, feel and integrate what you are learning means that you can evaluate and apply everything you hear, see and feel into your life immediately. For that reason, we include everything – your accommodation for the two nights, your meals with all dietary needs catered for and your proximity to a little luxury and fresh air! Set aside the days just for you. Stop for a while and focus on just you. We look forward to happily hosting, teaching and supporting you.

An introduction to your hosts

Kelly Tyler

With a background in psychology, publishing and marketing, Kelly is passionate about supporting others to reach their full potential and spread their message. Her career path has included everything from educational psychology, nutritional & business advisor, publisher, speaker agent and marketing director. This journey has highlighted her strengths in connecting individuals to key people of influence, and creating systems and structure for marketing company’s visions. Both her network and expertise have been developed through her role as marketing director in a variety of companies, and she continues to grow her passion through positioning, marketing and supporting authors & speakers with her publishing company Conch Press & her speaker agency Stellar Speakers.

Helena Holrick

Helena Holrick is a personal progress coach – guiding you to consider your next steps before you take them and ensures you enjoy, learn from and are aligned in everything you do – so you get stuff done. She is committed to making sure you ‘succeed as you’ through personal growth, practical learning and/ or professional guidance. Having trained thousands of people over 30 years in diverse organisations, and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, she knows that structure and systems are at the heart of success for every business, course, talk and interaction you create. She is qualified in and uses many tools and models to support the progress and growth of individuals and businesses – including Clean Language, NLP and more practically, Strategy On A Page which helps businesses get strategic about their growth and progress so they have a living plan that guides their tactical steps – helping everyone  in the business to make the most of their ‘TEAM’ i.e. their time, energy, attention and money. The Helping You Shine philosophy is to FIND, OWN and SHARE Your Brilliance. All guidance is centred on first getting you CLEAR on who you are, and why you do what you do, then becoming CERTAIN about what you do, how you do it and what it’s worth, and finally being CONFIDENT about when, where and how to use what platforms to share your presence, so you can use your CREATIVITY to make your CONNECTION and CONTRIBUTION.

Who are Speaker INsight?

We exist to support speakers, authors & coaches to grow the confidence to connect and promote their message, and build a profitable, authentic business around it.  With a background in running a speaker agency, publishing house, and training company as well as devising talks, workshops and delivering coaching programmes for over a decade, we understand what the industries require & what the customers want, and we help position you.

Why do I have to apply to come on the Retreat?

We limit the numbers to 8 people maximum on these Retreats. We ask you to apply  so we can ensure that you are at the right stage in your business to make the most of the attention and support provided. We want you to succeed ON YOUR TERMS(TM). click here to apply.

When & Where?

The Speaker INsight Retreat is runs over 3 days  and is held at the De Vere Horsley Estate, near Leatherhead (KT24 6DT). We have two retreats coming up in 2021: Friday 14th – Sunday 16th May 2021 and Friday 8th – Sunday 10th October.  Click here to apply.  (Please use the same link to apply for any Retreat dates. even if not shown here).

Getting There:

By Rail: Horsley station is just 1.5 miles away. On weekdays there are two trains every hour from both Waterloo Station and Guildford, and a transfer by bus to the Hotel which goes every 10-12 minutes.

By Road: From London or the M25, De Vere Horsley Estate is accessible from the A3 and the B2039. If travelling from the south, take the A3 heading north, then take the A247 and A246 to Horsley Park. Parking is free onsite.


Is everything really included for this price?

Yes, it really is! We want you to have no distractions and to stay fully focused on learning and growing, so we’ve taken the liberty of booking you a room of your own, where you can rest, relax and release in the peace of your own space. The setting at the Horsley Estate is stunning.  You’ll be fed beautifully and nurtured so all you need to do is focus on getting the most out of the weekend. (OK, maybe not everything! If you want that glass of wine at the end of the day, that one is on you!) This retreat also includes wonderful facilities including great walking grounds, a gym and a swimming pool so you can really take care of yourself as you wish to.

What about my dietary needs?

So long as you let us know, we’ll let the hotel know and they will take every care to ensure you are catered for. We have requested that the meals are healthy and hearty, and that there is something for all of us (vegetarians, vegans, pegans and meat eaters alike).

How much is the retreat?

The three day retreat is £1250, which includes all your meals, teas and coffees, snacks and accommodation. We want you to have nothing else to think about but yourself and your business. It’s a glorious setting, with a pool, gym and some fabulous walks around the grounds. In addition, you also get 3 months free membershipo in Changemaker Central (worth £147) following on from the retreat to ensure you are supported as you implement what you create and learn during the weekend. We do this to give you every opportunity to use the momentum of the retreat to keep you building the business ON YOUR TERMS.

What is Changemaker Central?

This is the Speaker Insight Membership site where we help Speakers Authors and Coaches to get the accountability, feedback and professional insight to help you build a business ON YOUR TERMS™. In addition to the private group where support and sharing keeps you on track, it includes a 90 Day kick off programme which includes videos, worksheets & insights from publishers, speaker agents and coaches who have been there and know exactly what you need. We give 3 months free membership to all participants following the Retreat, so you can implement what you’ve learned and build your business with the continued support and encouragement of the group you start this journey.  To find out more, click here.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes,  you can pay in two or three installments, just tell us when we speak and we’ll set it up.  A payment will be taken immediately and two further payments subsequently.

What will actually be covered at the event?

This is an interactive, hands on doing retreat. You’ll roll up your sleeves and get clear (and working!) on 4 core elements of your business:

  • Your frameworks and IP (so you can use what you know and who you are in a unique way to stand out, that people understand and want);
  • your product range and business model (so you know what you sell, to whom and how);
  • Your ideal client (so you know where to focus your marketing and where to show up as you so you attract the right people to you all the time);
  • Your identity and presence (so you can show up and succeed as you with confidence and influence).

We’ll take each of these components and make them work for you in your business so you can build it as you want it and have the confidence that you can contribute with ease and fun using all your gifts, passion and creativity.