Step into someone else’s shoes for a moment

Have you ever looked at your business from the perspective of your client?

Really stepping into their shoes and experiencing every step of the journey. From that moment when they very first met you until the point at which they either no longer need you; or better still, when they are in ‘maintenance’ mode or one of your communities because they just like you and want to continue hanging out with you?

Adjustments are the key to success.

Seeing through their eyes is vital. Everything changes all around us (and in us!) all the time. The power of perspective, and of seeing your service as they see it is invaluable. It helps you understand where the gaps are, where the wows are happening and what assumptions you might be making.

It’s a great way to figure out what your new or next products might be, what lead magnets you could/should be making that will attract more people to you, or it can be a key to developing the customer service that will make you the obvious choice. It stops you wasting time on making things that are no longer relevant.

Set aside some time today to objectively go through your ‘user journey’. Become your own mystery shopper for a day. You’ll reap some big rewards and spot the gaps you need to be working on.

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