Take a moment to focus

Imagine this. It’s Monday morning, the to do list has already gone off track and you might already feel pulled pillar to post. Or, more hopefully, you’ll have ticked off something ‘big’ from your list that’s satisfying for you and you’re well on your way to getting more done with a smile. Either way, you’re left feeling something-and we’d rather have you feeling good about the start of your day. The key to that is focus.

Where you look is where you go, as they say.

These days, focus is one thing that we don’t have in abundance and struggle to find.Whilst restrictions are easing, focus can still be hard to come by. We are still falling into new routines. With hybrid working, and some certainty still lacking, there are many things that still take our focus. There are all manner of ‘distractions’-practical, physical, emotional and mental-that can pull on our time and attention.All at the cost of focus. It’s vital to get a handle on how you focus so you can harness the power of it.

We invite you to think about how you focus.

What gets you on track? Have you got one or two things that always pull you back into productivity? Do you know what your optimum way to focus is?Focus, by the very nature of the word, helps us to hone in on ONE thing, and let’s us complete it (if we organise our space and time and indeed those around us!).That’s where the satisfaction is. That’s where we get a sense of progress. Our wish for you is always that you stay in motion, that you keep moving towards your goals. Focus is one of the key things that make that happen.

Here are a few of our favourite things to get and keep focus:

  1. Before you start a piece of work, think about what it will make possible when it’s done.
  2. Put on a great energising (or calming etc) piece of music that gets you in the ’mood’ for the work you are about to do.
  3. Set up a reward for completing what you are working on!
  4. Get some accountability; reach out to a buddy or your coach or your working groups and say what you are about to do.
  5. Let those of you know around you that you are undisturbable for the next X minutes.
  6. Decide when the task is done to a ‘good enough’ state (so youdon’t fall into perfection ‘hell’)
  7. Make sure you have a to do list that’s just right for you-3–6 things in a day is actually all that most of us manage.

We understand that these days it can be harder to focus, so here’s the best one of all. Focus on doing just ONE focused thing every day this week. Any more than that is a bonus. See how that feels.

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