Use Homer Simpson to inspire your next focus.

Creative people move fast. Yes, we appreciate that sometimes creation is a slow progress, but much of the time, we have many projects on the go, and all that means we are fully immersed and making connections, producing things, and simply moving from one thing to another without stopping.

As speakers, authors, coaches, so many of us have inspirations we are working on, and challenges we work through. Often, that means we are just moving past and through everything else we have in place in order to work on the ‘new’ stuff. All this without stopping to review or realise what’s ‘obvious’ or right in front of our noses!

In all this, it becomes easy to forget the impact of something we do often, and dismiss just how much our clients or prospects love it.

The creation frenzy blinds you to what you already do that makes your impact.

Just stop. For a moment. Take Stock. We invite you to look at what’s so clearly part of your service that people love. Yes, the novelty of making something new for your audience is a real draw, but are you ignoring what’s right in front of your nose?

Stop and think about the products you already have in place, and how well those are loved and needed. Rather than creating something entirely new, can you see your ‘old’ and trusted products and services with new eyes, and maybe update a campaign that puts something THEY love, right back in front of them.

Your stats will tell you what products over time your people love the most. Dig into it and figure out what it is about that product they really love, what it provides them with.

To give you an example, when we run our Connect & Create days, what is obvious there is that people need time to connect and that having someone to bounce ideas off is a vital part of being a business owner. It was so clear to many people that they had missed connected time with like-minded people. That was also very clear when we ran our first Clarity & Connection Networking Session from within The Connection Hub. 

‘Our’ people like to talk things out, to share, to have the opportunity to delve a little deeper. So for us, that’s about creating spaces and occasions to do that. That’s what was obvious or that ‘DOH’ moment as Homer Simpson would remind us. Anything new that we create, needs to have this at the heart of it.

When we slowed down the creation process, and stopped making up what to make next that WE were inspired about, and actively set about creating something that centred around what THEY want more than anything, we understood that we really didn’t need to create anything new, we just needed to put the old and loved products in front of people more.

What is that for your clients and prospects? What’s so close to your nose that you might be missing it and not remembering to offer it or value it? We’d love to hear, either in the comments or emailing us or even sharing it in The Connection Hub.

If you want any support to do this, reach out for a call or join The Connection Hub to get access to over 200 resources to keep you growing your speaker, author, and coach business.

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