What can you bring back in?

It’s easy to always be focused on the next thing. As speakers, authors and coaches, your hunger to create, to give and to help the world and those in it see and do things differently will drive you to focus on new ideas. Don’t get us wrong, that’s great. But a lot of the time, running your business relies on going back and sharing what you’ve already shared, or shining a light on what you already have because you may have moved on, but that product may not yet have done the work it’s supposed to do.

That’s why this week we’re asking ‘what can you bring back in?’ What can you put a focus on that allows you to make it easy to work towards the end of the year? What can you promote or share that allows you to create behind the scenes or simply close out the year in a way that you want to. So often we create something, and call it done. And that is like opening a present, loving the idea of it, but leaving it cellophane wrapped in the joy of knowing you have it and will get around to using it.

Our call for you this week is to go back through your lead magnets and products and see what you can put in front of people again. Since the last time you put focus on it, you’ll have increased the number of followers you have, widened your reach and generally been busy making more connections. Those people may not know what you have for them. So what can you bring back in and put out in the world again? 

Sometimes it’s not all about what you next create, sometimes it’s about making sure that what you have gets the time, space, and attention it deserves so it can go and work for you. What will it be for you?

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