What if it was different?

Using your imagination and creativity can be one of the most powerful things you can do when growing your speaker, author, coach business. Most of us tend to do the problem solving for our customers and prospects. Yet to grow, you need to apply your questioning skills and curiosity to the internal working of your business.

One of the best ways to do that is to ask this question: What if it was different?

The ‘it’ can be anything. What if the profit was different? What if your ideal client avatar was different? What if the format was different? What if the proposal figures were different? You get the idea. Sometimes you need to ‘make up’ something that isn’t true to give the contrast that you need to make a change.

When you shift into the made up figures, situation, people or approach, you automatically start to come up with ideas to make it happen, or at least see what is in the way of progress. You think of new ways to do things, you get rational about putting up your prices, you finally give yourself permission to go ‘bigger’.

‘What if it was different?’ allows you for a moment to see how things could be in your business. Every speaker, author, coach can and should play with this question at least once a quarter. It might just raise your game, and let you influence more people.

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