What result are you looking for?

It’s easy to get distracted by the multiple tasks that face us daily. The chances are you are running your speaker, author, coach business on your own or with a small team, and that usually means there are a lot of hats to wear and too little time to get them all done in the way you want. This can lead to overwhelm or confusion or both! Worse, it can lead to inaction or procrastination.

One great way to get back on track, whether that’s for the day, the hour or the task is to ask this simple question:

What’s the result I’m looking for?

The answer may surprise you — let it come and then set up your next day, hour or task to fulfil that.

Sometimes you might get a practical “to get this off my list” or a “tick the box”, but other times, you might just tap into the feeling that comes from doing a thing. For example, if you finally do send out that proposal you’ve been tinkering with, part of the result might be the relief of having finally done it. It might be the ‘I got brave and hit send factor’. Looking under a task sometimes unearths a motivation that we may not have thought to use to help us get through the day.

Results are the key to growing your business, so keep focused on what the result is that you are looking for, to prevent you from getting distracted. You might have a blanket answer (e.g. revenue / money, or customer satisfaction, or even ‘smiles on the team’s faces’). Whatever your definition is, start to work towards it now. 

So next time you get stuck, or even if you are not, ask the question and see what shows up.

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