What to do on stuck days

Like the weather, our energy is not constant. No matter how much we wish we could just power through, crack on, keep going… there are days on which we can just feel stuck.

Running a speaker, author, coach business can sometimes feel like a bit of a trial and on the days when nothing seems to be working, the WORST thing we can do is try to keep going.

Give your brain a break!

A better thing to do is to simply walk away from the project that seems like treacle, and instead do one of the following:

  • Take a day off — or at least an hour!
  • Call a friend for a coffee or a chat or even both!
  • Take yourself off for a walk — get some air, and some perspective
  • Start working on another project, preferably one that’s nearly done or just starting (those tend to have more ‘exciting’ energy)
  • Allow yourself 2- 5 minutes of being fully grouchy about your stuckness, then shake it off make a cup of something satisfying, and start again (this one is for those projects that just have too tight a deadline for you to leave it for long).

Don’t choose stuckness. It sucks.

There are other things you can do too, and we’re sure you’ve got your own recipes for them. The WORST thing though, is to stay in the stuckness and do your best to power through. It just does not work, and what you produce won’t be good enough when you look back later. Then you’ll have a double dose of frustration.

Have you tried walking away?!

It can be really tempting stick ‘at it’, forcing yourself to do the work, when what your brain really needs is a break and what your material likely needs is some perspective. Let yourself let go a little of the things that have you stuck. Clear your head and your body, and do something else for a while. You’ll come back much fresher and ready to ‘go again’.

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