What wave are you riding?

Are you flowing in your business? If you are, that’s a delight and we invite you to keep riding the wave for as long as that’s there. Eventually though, there’ll be a resistance that shows itself. It can get us stuck, stumped or simply confuse us.

As a speaker, author, coach, you hopefully by now know and expect that things are always going to go a little awry here and there. Plans go astray, things don’t go just how you want them to, or results don’t come as fast as you want them.

The trick when that happens is to accept it, whatever ‘it’ is — and notice where and how you respond to the wave that shows up. That might be in your behaviour (avoiding, snapping, withdrawing, putting a positive grin on), your emotions (irritation, disconnection, inertia) or your thinking (complaining, lamenting, berating — usually yourself!).

Staying stuck in these can bring us down, and one trick is to treat them all like they are signs of resistance — and then ask: ‘what am I resisting?’.

A lot of the time, if you dig deep enough, even if external circumstances have changed or are impacting, you’ll find there’s an internal resistance to doing something, saying something or being something that you might just not feel ready for.

When we know what we resist, we put ourselves back in the driving seat, empowered to take an action to deal with the impostor in us that keeps us stuck, or to get just courageous enough to hit that send button on a big proposal we don’t think we deserve.

So today we invite you, whatever wave you are riding, to look at where and what you are resisting and take a (brave) step towards releasing it by taking an action that puts you back in charge.

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