What’s next?! (The power of completion)

Have you been completing things? Progress seems to be on the agenda for many in 2022. With this new lease of life, we are unleashed and getting our creativity cranked up high. For most of us, that means a pull in the direction of getting things done, of completing projects that have been either lying dormant, or are just on the cusp of finishing. Most of us spent 2021 simplifying and shedding things that were not serving us or the business. We get periods in our lives and in our businesses when streamlining, cutting back and organising are just the must-do activities.

All of this clearing the decks of course begs the question: What’s NEXT?!

It’s such a great question to stop and ask before you just tackle the things on the list. “What’s next?” asks you to sit back and evaluate for a moment — should you put your effort into new creation OR do you actually need to stop creating and instead focus on promotion — you know, getting the thing you just made ‘out’ in the world! 🙂 Promoting can be JUST as creative a process as grabbing an idea and pulling it into a blog, a product, a programme, or some interview or summit you just got a nudge to do from your intuition.

If you can use that inspiration and energy to put your latest creation to ‘work’ for you, that actually frees you up even more to follow that intuition. It’s called putting the foundations in place. We like to remind all our speakers, authors, and coaches to be in a rhythm of producing AND promoting. So next time you ask “what’s next?” make sure you factor in the marketing of all you’ve been creating. Otherwise, no-one gets to see or benefit, and that would be such a waste — for you and for them. What’s next for you?! (We are curious folk and would love to know — hit reply and tell us!)

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