What’s trust got to do with it?

Choosing the path of speaker, author, coach is not necessarily the easy choice.

Running the business, getting the gigs, developing relationships, managing the money, and of course delivering on your promises. These all have their sweet spots and weak spots. We have to trust that we’ve ‘got this’, every day. Whether we feel we have it in hand or not!

Who is the boss?

One of the great things about running your own business is that you are ultimately in charge; you set the direction, you go about making the changes you can and want to make, for the people that you want to help and that need you. You trust that. And whether you know it or not, that’s the key to doing what you do every day.

Trust is a key to momentum.

You’ve trusted yourself with your ‘big idea’, your why. It’s the key thing that makes you wake up in the morning and lets you know you are on track, whatever else is going on in the business.

It’s the thing that can provide you the energy and space to create, whatever you are creating today. Trust drives your business forward. Rely and make use of that trust. You had the courage to dream up the business in the first place. Now put your faith in it and do the work.

Use your vision as your fuel.

What most of us forget is that we used that trust and faith to build a vision. That can be broken down into the fuel that will let you:

  • Make that next difficult decision
  • Get you energised you for the next sales call
  • Guide you through the next video you shoot, even though you STILL don’t love doing them
  • Complete those impossible deadlines
  • Dredge up the courage to do all the hard stuff that

It’s all in service of the dream. Because you trust in the dream, you’ll find that you do what it takes. Spend a bit of time every day checking in with the vision, built on the faith in yourself and trust in your idea.

Running your speaker, author, coach business takes that trust in your dream and uses it to build it better and stronger, moment by moment because you trust yourself with the dream.

So, what will you be trusting yourself with today? And what great impact will that make?

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