When was the last time you got out of your comfort zone?

Doing things the way you’ve always done them can mean you get a little stuck in a rut. There’s something to be said for consistency, but every now and then you need to make sure that you are not getting too comfortable.

Pushing yourself that little bit further, deeper, higher can be the difference that makes the difference. We can all get a little complacent. That can lead to boredom, frustration and even a lack of clients.

Change the pace to keep yourself on your toes.

The way to get out of this is to do something each week that pushes your boundaries. Just one thing that means you are stretching into the unknown, and keeping things ‘fresh’. Having to think about something, or do something when you don’t have all the answers is actually a great way to ‘sharpen the saw’, as Stephen Covey liked to remind us.

When you are in your comfort zone, everything is ticking along. Money comes in, marketing seems to be working and you’re in a good space. You are most likely waiting for the next big idea happen, but not actively pursuing it.

How do you know if you are stuck in a rut of sameness?

Some phrases that might indicate you have given up exploration for comfort are: “Why rock the boat?”, “I’ll be fine” , “they won’t mind…” “Oh I’ll leave that for tomorrow”…

If that’s you, don’t rest on your laurels, it’s actually already time to do something about not staying small, invisible and instead go grab those leads, so you can make the difference you want to make.

For a moment, have a think about what you and your business needs. If it’s looking like you are going through the motions and nothing has scared you or made you confused recently, the chances are you’ve got too comfortable.

The way out is to set yourself a little stretch goal — and to do so EVERY WEEK.

It may seem like you are creating work for yourself by stepping into the chaos of the unsaid or unknown, but in truth, you’ll be more excited than ever and you’ll likely let yourself be pushed along with the tide, and end up with that course, workshop or talk you’ve been meaning to get around to creating.

There’s something magical that happens when you back yourself in this way. Give it a go. And if you want to be held to account, come and tell us in The Connection Hub (hyperlink) and let us know what you are going to do to move out of your current comfort zone.

If you want any support to do this, reach out for a call or join The Connection Hub to get access to over 200 resources to keep you growing your speaker, author, and coach business.

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