You have to balance Intention with Strategy

Running a speaker, author, coach business is all about being smart. That’s about using your time well, matching your intentions with strategy. At this time of the year, when all the talk is about planning and making sure you have everything in place, it can be hard to keep a cool head and keep your intentions straight.

Our intentions are our dreams, the direction and destination we want to move towards. In addition, it’s vital to marry those intentions with a strategy that will see you taking the actions that will make those intentions come alive. Our Strategy is what makes a reality of all the intentions we have.

Your job is to get the dynamic right.

There’s a delicate balance required when making sure we have a clear path towards our desired outcomes. Our intentions are the FUEL whilst our strategies are the VEHICLE that gets us to our destination. Your job is to ensure that you have enough fuel (that you are inspired by your ideas and the direction of travel) and that you have locked the destination into the sat nav (and have looked up alternative routes — just in case strikes or weather try to deter progress!)

In all of your planning, it’s vital that you create the space to ensure you spend time dreaming AND acting throughout 2023, to give yourself the best chance to make the impact, exert the influence and receive the income you desire.

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