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It's time to grow a successful, stable and profitable business!

If you’ve been constantly trying to make your business work, but it’s still demanding more time and money from you, then you’ve probably been looking for a magic pill. Searching for the solution in a course or a book can mean that you've ended up with lots of bits of sticky tape holding your business together because the advice just doesn't match up. You've probably also wasted time & money on proven tactics by gurus that just don't get you the promised results.  So it's time to change that right now!

When you don’t connect the dots in your business, you find yourself juggling conflicting tactics on a shaky foundation that’s ultimately unsustainable. So instead of doing what you love (speaking, writing or coaching), you end up spending most of your time doing admin, accounts and managing tech (which you aren’t good at or don’t enjoy).

If you want to scale your business so it doesn't rely solely on your time & energy, the team at Speaker INsight will get you back on track, through resources and support to guide you through creating a portfolio-style business that generates predictable income and sustainable growth ON YOUR TERMS!


In the crowded 'expert industry' space, it's important to STAND OUT and to be authentic in your delivery, marketing and how you run your business.  We can't stand cookie-cutter approaches where everyone looks and acts the same!

We also acknowledge that we need more Changemakers in the word, leading the way to a collaborative, sustainable and ethical future.

So throughout our training and support we ensure that YOU are at the heart of your business, shining your light, your way.  This positions you as the 'Go To' person in your niche and gives you the confidence that you have earned the right to lead others.

We also ensure that you have STRONG BUSINESS FOUNDATIONS along with an overarching strategy and messaging.  This enables you to scale your business without burning out, and your marketing & sales become effortless as your tactics are part of a joined-up strategy - which gets long lasting results!

These are our CHANGEMAKER LIGHTHOUSE FOUNDATIONS... What area needs attention in your business right now?


"You guys have changed my life!

I've written my second book, booked speaking gigs and got my mastermind ready to launch AND I've got the right support to run my business"

Christine Nicholson

Start The Journey With Us... We've Got Your Back!