Speaker Insight Online Courses

Part of building a portfolio business is having a product range that supports you to live life ON YOUR TERMS.

Our online courses are aimed at helping you at every stage of building your speaker, author, coach business.  These are all lifetime access, self-paced learning structured into actionable modules. They are jam-packed with interactive worksheets and exercises so you can focus on implementing what you learn.

Whether you are at the start or looking to scale and grow your business, we've got you covered.


It’s time to let us help you identify, articulate & monetise your purpose!

Speakers, authors & coaches all have a message, a desire to help their customers and very often change & impact that they want to make as a result of their work. Our Power Up Your Purpose Online programme will support you to step into your greatness whatever stage you are at.

We handhold you through our in-depth self exploration of you and your WHY, whilst inspiring you on how you can create a variety of products and services around it, so you can serve many … including yourself!


Marketing Plans & Content ideas.

Speaker, authors and coaches LOVE creating, but when it comes to marketing their products and services they often get stuck.

This product is perfect for you if you get stuck for content ideas & waste time searching for inspiration on what topics to write blogs, FB Lives or Podcasts on. Or you don't know what is involved in a promotional launch of a product or you don't have automated lead generation funnels  set up that work for you.

We have all the solutions, plans & content inspiration that you need inside the Market Your Way  Programme to overcome all these challenges.


Design your online course in just a few weeks!

Having an online course is a key asset to running a portfolio business, as it enables you to reach a wider audience so you can increase your income and impact. It also allows you to stop swapping time for money so you have more time freedom.

However, most people don’t know what topic to create their course on, what tech to record it with, where to host it or even how to sell it!

We created our How to Deliver Digitally programme, which hand-holds you through all these aspect with practical guides…and we’ve had some of our clients create their own course and started selling in just 2 weeks!!!


Do you want to build a thriving FB Group?

Building a group on Facebook is a great way to position yourself as leader, create a captive audience (so you don't have to fight against algorithms) & create marketing that converts into paying clients. It's a key part of building a business On Your Terms.

Our online programme 'Groups That Give & Grow' teaches you how to grow your group in a way that works for you and your members. Everything from knowing how a group can serve your business, setting up the features and tech, creating consistent engaging content & how to grow and monetise it!

Not sure which one is right for you?