Changemaker Business Playbook


An annual physical planner specifically designed for Speakers, Authors & Coaches to plan, track & review their business metrics, social media & financial goals.

How Do I Use The Changemaker Business Playbook?


Set Your Goals

Knowing your financial targets & what products & services will enable you to achieve them is an essential part of running a business ON YOUR TERMS!

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Plan Your Week

This won't replace your diary (as most use a digital calendar) but we want you to set your daily priorities, to do list & capture what needs to be followed up.

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Review Your Month

We don't want you to 'wing it'.  Knowing what is & isn't working in your business helps you make decisions.  So monthly we get you to review your key metrics.

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Quarterly Check-Ins

90-Day cycles are great milestones to reflect & celebrate your progress.  We want you to check in with how you are feeling as well as your business performance indicators.

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