The Key Elements To Successfully Marketing YOUR Way!


Inspiration to Create Content

Create 2 years worth of content ideas and a 31 day social calendar of posts which will ensure you never run out of ideas and that your marketing messages align

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Create a Strategy & Plan

Whether you are launching a product or wanting to create a consistent marketing plan we give you all the templates, guides and marketing plans required


Track Conversions

We don't believe in spray and pray marketing - it's essential to know what it & what isn't working and have ways for you to track your conversions to ensure your marketing is making money!

Market YOUR Way!

Easy-To-Implement Marketing Plans & Content Ideas

The Course is packed with resources and is easy to follow:

  1. Welcome to Market Your Way
  2. Planning Your Marketing & Using Our Resources
  3. Your Marketing Resources
  4. Next Steps!
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You Get All These Resources:

You're Ready To Start Marketing YOUR Way!

Your Marketing Checklist

Lead Generation Channels

Your Marketing Flow

Creating An Email Nurture Campaign

Speaker Insight App & Software Guide

Your Quarterly Marketing Targets

Creating Consistent Content

Marketing Outside of Your Network

Creating a 31 Day Social Content Plan

Repurposing Your Content

Product Launch Marketing Plan

Your Overarching Marketing Plan

INsights and Conversions

What They Say:

five stars

Awe-Inspiring content and incredibly thought-provoking!

Just amazing content as always, loving the varied approaches to achieve common goals, makes soooo much sense - 500 stars 🙂

Jacqueline Rogerson

Jacqueline Rogerson
five stars

WOW! Brilliant!

Great course, I read through this a couple of times and then started to download the templates. This course shows how to get clarity in your marketing process and importantly how to measure results to make improvements as needed.

Jo Brianti

Jo Brianti
five stars

Market in a no-nonsense way!

I liked this short and to the point course. It gave me enough information to know what to do to make a start and an impact in my business.

Taruna Chauhan

13 High Resolution darker eyes Taruna Chaucan
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