At Speaker INsight we don't personally teach speakers 'how to' speak, authors how to write or coaches how to coach - we specialise in helping you to create the foundations in your portfolio-style business and manage it ON YOUR TERMS!

However, we have our official professional partners who specialise in working with speakers, authors & coaches and can also support with everything from web design to publishing your book.

We have a very select chosen partners, as they are like-valued, and either our client or ourselves have used their services and have got amazing results.

So don't take risks, work with our trusted and much loved partners.


Rethink Press Publishers

You’re an expert, entrepreneur or leader with huge value to share.

If you’re going to embark on a process of getting down your wealth of ideas onto the written page – then you can trust the proven experts who’ve worked with countless authorities just like you.

From writing your book to getting it published, our expert team of writers, coaches and publishing professionals make sure that when your book sees the light of day… it shines.

Whether you want to write your book but don’t know where to begin, or have a manuscript ready for publication, we can make your book plans a reality.

Nothing Sells You Like a Book… and no one builds your book like Rethink.


Delenta was born with one purpose in mind to offer a complete, self-improvement experience through coaching & mentoring and powered by highly-intelligent and customisable tools.

And yet, Delenta is so much more than that! We are driven by a guiding belief that the World should, and can, become a better place.....a place where people strive to grow, to improve and to live out their dreams…...a place where those with the ability to help make those dreams a reality. So, we have developed Delenta: a fully-featured, intuitive, online coaching platform which was built from the ground up to help people like you become a positive force for change in the World! Delenta is about making the World a better place, through the seemingly simple act of sharing.Sharing knowledge, sharing skills, sharing expertise and experience........IT’S ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY - bringing together people who share our dream of a better future and giving them the tools and resources to make that future a reality.


SMA Digital

SMA Digital help ambitious business coaches & consultants have a full, self-qualifying pipeline.
They do this via:
Their flagship product called The Intelligent Quiz: UK’s #1 award-winning premium quiz solution for coaches & consultants.
Driving in the right people to your quiz via The Rev Game: 90 mins a day to finally dedicate time to work on your business, and increase your revenue.
SMA Digital have helped over 650 coaches and consultants like you to create their own quiz, to filter and attract ideal clients who self-identify they need your help.
What impact would a full, self-qualifying pipeline have for you?

The Freedom Geek

We help Entrepreneurs accelerate their business success through leveraging high-quality yet very affordable Virtual Assistants from the Philippines.

We’re advocates of remote working so The Freedom Geek is registered in London, our customers are worldwide (predominantly English-speaking business owners in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe and Australia), our support team is based in the Philippines (we live and breathe Filipino outsourcing in our own business culture!) and Imogen (Founder) wanders around the world.
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By Deesign

Brand Strategy and Creative Direction for fiercely ambitious business owners who have the ideas and the audacity to change the world in their own unique way, but don’t have the clarity or confidence in their brand to do it yet!

Through my proven PowerBrand Process, I’ll help you turn your vision, strengths, and personality into a brand that dazzles your audience and dominates your industry. Your reputation awaits!

Media Matchmaker

Media Matchmaker brings journalists, organisations and industry experts together to create a media match. Whether you are a journalist looking to speak to an industry expert, or you’re an organisation who wants to share timely information with the media, Media Matchmaker will help you achieve your goal. Our clever solution allows journalists and organisations to reach out to one another in order to make sure the right information is being shared. With three different media pass options to choose from, Media Matchmaker puts YOU in control. You define who you want to be contacted by, receive and sign up to media alerts, get unlimited media requests and be proactive with your information by sending unlimited news stories to targeted journalists. Media Matchmaker really is a media match made in heaven. 

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koffee klatch

Koffee Klatch

KoffeeKlatch was founded to give you affordable legal templates that protect you and your business.   Priced to be affordable when you are just getting started, our basic packages are designed to upgrade as you grow your business giving you increasing flexibility and customisation and support on your journey.
The templates are researched and written with practitioners in your niche and come with onboarding videos that teach you all about why those words are there and what they do for you.  You can also get group support and updates when the law changes at no extra cost during your support period.   So it doesn’t cost you any money to ask those niggling questions or to get more support on how to deal with a tricky situation.
Everything we do at KoffeeKlatch is designed to help you align the legals you need with your business model.  We call it getting your ducks in a row.

Curious B2B Marketing

Marketing can be really frustrating and overwhelming at times - especially if it's not your only focus in business.

You don't want to be the best kept secret in your industry and you want to find a way of standing out without resorting to spammy marketing tactics that belong on the dark side of the force.

What if you had an easy-to-follow marketing system and the confidence that your marketing activities were leading you towards your business goals?

Curious B2B Marketing will bring a different perspective to your marketing, we won't do it for you and instead we'll give you a plan and the confidence to build serious marketing momentum and really stand out in your industry.

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Stellar Speakers

A unique Speaker Agency representing thought leaders, change agents and industry experts who are dedicated to making a positive impact.

Stellar Speakers are our professional speakers of great influence. They are the ‘go to’ person in their industry and provide both expertise and insights to organisations.

Rising Stars are our ‘up-and-coming’ professional speakers.  You might not have heard of them but when you do, you will never forget them!

Ready Steady Websites

Shine online with one of our beautiful templates

By using a Ready Steady Websites® template you will own your website and your content. Our templates are highly customisable so you will be able to achieve the exact look and feel you desire for your website or membership site.

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Deliverability Dashboard

The Best Tool to Help You Reach the Inbox.

Deliverability Dashboard helps you to easily measure your email delivery and engagement, giving you the power to fix any deliverability issues quickly.

It cuts through the confusion and gives you the data you need to make timely and sensible improvements, so you can reach more inboxes and get a better result with your marketing.

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Speaker Express

Speaker Express work with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, MD’s & Investors in order to help them stand out when they are public speaking, pitching, or looking to win business through public speaking.

Their unique and effective 'Speakers Method' delivery for training and talks has helped developed a variety of speakers ability to hone their messaging, perfect their stories, pitch better and thus win them more business through speaking. Speaker Express has also helped people land TV appearances, get paid to speak and become influencers in their industry.
They are the go to place if you want to stand out in your industry, become a world class speaker and have an impact when speaking.