Learn from experts who understand your  business from both sides.  They have industry insight as a Speaker Agent, Publisher & Corporate Trainers AND they are speakers, authors & coaches themselves!

With a combined experience of more than 30 years in speaker management, publishing & corporate training Kelly Tyler and Helena Holrick understand what the industry requires of speakers, authors & coaches to be successful. They also have a very unique style of yin & yang / right-brain & left-brain advice, so throughout all of their training you get structured, practical advice with the emotional support & nurture required to move outside your comfort zone.

Speaker INsight was developed to support thought leaders and Changemakers in making a greater impact, whilst earning a solid & sustainable income from their message ON THEIR TERMS!

Kelly Tyler

Kelly Tyler – Speaker Agent & Consultant For Change Agents

With a background in psychology, publishing and marketing, Kelly is passionate about supporting others to reach their full potential and spread their message to make a positive impact.

Her career path has included everything from Educational Psychology, Business Consultant, Publisher, Speaker Agent, Marketing Director and Trustee for the College of Psychic Studies, so she understands what is required to be an ‘expert’ in your industry.

This journey has highlighted her strengths in connecting individuals to key people of influence, and creating systems and structure for marketing BIG visions of thought leaders and change agents.  Through her speaker agency Stellar Speakers Ltd and consultancy Speaker INsight Ltd, she supports speakers, authors and coaches to help them discover their purpose & core message whilst ensuring they have good positioning, productisation and marketing to create a business ON THEIR TERMS!

Helena Holrick – Personal Progress Master Coach

Helena guides you to consider your next steps and ensuring you enjoy, learn from and are aligned in everything you do – so you get stuff done. She helps you ‘succeed as you’ through personal growth, practical learning and professional guidance.

Having trained thousands of people in diverse organisations for over 30 years, and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, Helena knows that structure and systems are the key to success for every business, course, talk and interaction you create. She uses many tools and models to support personal and business growth – including Clean Language, NLP and more practically, Strategy On A Page. This model helps businesses get strategic about their growth with a living plan that guides their tactical steps, so everyone in the business can make the most of their TEAM – Time, Energy, Attention and Money.

Her Helping You Shine philosophy is to FIND, OWN and SHARE Your Brilliance. It is centred on  getting you CLEAR on who you are and why you do what you do; then becoming CERTAIN about what you do, how you do it, and what it’s worth; and finally being CONFIDENT about when, where and how to share your zone of genius, so you can use your CREATIVITY to make your CONNECTION and CONTRIBUTION.


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