Power Up Your Purpose!

Helping Speakers, Authors & Coaches To Identify, Articulate & Monetise their purpose.

The Key Elements To Power Up Your Purpose!

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We take you on a journey of self-discovery to identify your talents, uniqueness & desires to help you identify themes that direct & align you towards your purpose



We help you answer that dreaded question 'What do you do?'. You will create connection statements & learn how to market your purpose to attract your ideal clients.



We advise you on how to create a portfolio business specifically for speakers, authors & coaches so you can make a huge impact with your purpose & earn a living from doing what you love!

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Power Up Your Purpose: Course Content


Discovering You & Your Purpose

Module 1 - Know Yourself

[DOWNLOAD] Know Yourself - Links to Quizzes

[DOWNLOAD] John Demartini Values Questions

Module 2 - What's Shaped You?

[DOWNLOAD] Your Milestones

Module 3 - Impostor Syndrome

[DOWNLOAD] Known For - Seen As

[DOWNLOAD] The World Needs Leaders - John Maxwell

Module 4 - Identify Your Purpose

[DOWNLOAD] Different Types of Purpose

[DOWNLOAD] 4 Ps Exercise

[DOWNLOAD] Head and Heart Goals


[DOWNLOAD SUMMARY] Identify Your Purpose


The Importance of Articulation

Module 1- Stepping Into Leadership

[DOWNLOAD] Purpose Intentions

Module 2 - Feel It Speak It Live It

[DOWNLOAD] Think Bigger

[DOWNLOAD] Feel It Speak It Live It Statements

Module 3 - Your Why & Why You



Module 4 - Marketing Your Purpose

[DOWNLOAD] Connection Statement & Examples To Inspire You

[DOWNLOAD] Promote Your Purpose

[DOWNLOAD SUMMARY] Articulate Your Purpose


How To Claim Your Purpose

Module 1 - How Your Purpose Fits With Your Life

[DOWNLOAD] Belief Statements

[DOWNLOAD] What Gets In Your Way

[DOWNLOAD] Roles Matrix

[DOWNLOAD] The Impact Of Your Purpose - A guided visualisation

[MP3] Purpose Visualisation with Instructions

[MP3] The Impact Of Your Purpose

Module 2 - Your Support Network

[DOWNLOAD] Your Support Network

Module 3 - Creating A Portfolio Business

[DOWNLOAD] Creating a Portfolio Business

[DOWNLOAD] Monetise Your Purpose

Module 4 - Leaving A Legacy

{DOWNLOAD} Tombstone Legacy

Module 5 - Bringing Your Purpose To Life

[DOWNLOAD] Business Ready Audit

[DOWNLOAD SUMMARY] Monetise Your Purpose

What They Say:

five stars


This section of the course pulled me outside of my comfort zone and provoked me to think big, believe more in myself, stick with the process and think!! A lot!!  The result is that I'm now connected to my purpose and I can articulate it. I feel like a purpose evangelist and want to share my story with everyone. Thank you!!

Julie Tushingham


Julie Tushingham
five stars

You CAN make money from your Purpose!

This was an excellent course to not only uncover your purpose, but to dig deep about how you communicate it to others and most importantly make a living from it. This is the perfect sweet spot where you are doing something that is deeply meaningful to you but also brings the success for you to live a happy life. The course is so extensive and provides a range of tools to help you identify your purpose but then also how to build a business around this. The value for money is incredible! Kelly and Helena's style throughout is thoroughly engaging and you can see that they are walking the talk and building businesses around what is most meaningful to them, with a never ending desire to serve and help people to do the same. Investing in this is a no brainer. Enjoy!

Tony Brooks

Tony Brooks
five stars

Packs a powerful punch!

Everything that the Speaker INsight team do is of top quality, and this course is no exception.  Crammed full of great advice and inspiration, as well as an impressive array of resources to guide you through the process, you'll feel totally supported as you establish, examine & test your purpose from multiple perspectives.  The practical application of the learning using easily downloaded templates makes this course worth every penny.

Carolyn Hobdey

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