Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

As speakers, authors and coaches you set out to inspire, influence and impress your audiences, whatever industry you are in and whatever stage you are on. It’s our role. It’s part of the job.

Your job is to share your opinions, your perspective and your unique point of view. Using other people’s words, ideas and concepts and passing them off as your own is no no in our world.

IN this FB Live we talk about how to be authentically you, AND how to share what you’ve learned and who you’ve learned it from in a way that is respectful, generous and makes you look good!

YOUR voice is needed. We want you to feel free to use other people’s stuff It’s up to you to safeguard your reputation. In the light of revelations this week, it’s topical to think about where your wisdom comes from.

We talked through the 4 types of content creators, how to share the work of others with integrity and how to use the power of acknowledgment to make stand out even more. Watch the full training here.

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