How to have the confidence to call yourself an expert

Claiming your expert positioning in your field is important to gain trust with your clients & also help boost your confidence that you have earned the right to be classed as an expert!

Learn 3 ways to identify as an expert & start including it within your marketing material.

The dictionarydefinition of an expert is: someone who has a prolonged or intense experience through practice and education in a particular field. Informally, an expert is someone widely recognised as a reliable source of technique or skill whose faculty for judging or deciding rightly, justly, or wisely is accorded authority and status by peers or the public in a specific well-distinguished domain.

So isn’t It funny that so many of our audience who teach, advise or train in their field still find it hard to call themselves an expert as they don’t feel they’ve earnt the right to do so. Does that sound like you?

Well we are going to help you bust that limiting belief today!

But before we go into HOW, lets address WHY claiming an expert status is important for your positioning.

  • Being an expert helps people file you away in their memory as the ‘GO TO Person’ for your niche. As soon as someone mentions those keywords they think of you.
  • It raises your brand awareness & professionalism
  • It builds people’s trust in you
  • It helps you stand out from the competition

What you need to do is ‘qualify’ yourself as an expert to show how you have earned the right to classify yourself as one.

So here are the 3 lenses that we want to view yourself through:

  1. Qualifications & accreditation

This isn’t listing your high school qualifications but the industry relevant courses & accreditation that you have taken to give you the theoretical & practical professionalism to deliver your service. Maybe you’ve combined a variety of studies which gives you a unique viewpoint (etc. you might be a qualified feng shui consultant & an occupational physiotherapist and combing them you assess workplaces to increase performance)

2. Experience

There isn’t any new information in the world, but it’s your experience and how you package it to help others that becomes unique & attractive. For example, when talking to a friend who hired a sleep coach for his baby — the reason he chose her was because she specialised in babies with reflux.

3. Research

You might not have a great deal of qualifications or experience in your field, but you could become an expert by curating information from other experts or doing specialised research in a particular niche area & gain expert status that way. This is exactly how Brene Brown became famous in the field of emotional intelligence.

So take stock of your past & identify which of these 3 aspects of expert status do you currently hold? Qualifications, experience or research & which one is your strongest area?

Now the important step — make sure you include these points in your marketing & your bio to highlight & claim your expert status.

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